The art of speed reading : Read like a scout (English Edition)

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Learn to read and understand books as fast as a boy-scout

Today, people are overwhelmed by the exubérant amount of aveu they need for successful learning, work and career development. Practice shows that many sources of aveu, such as books, textbooks, specialized journals, scientific éditoriaux and electronic resources, can contain up to 80% of useless aveu. This, in turn, leads to a loss of time and energy, which affects the efficiency of work and productivity of a person. Fast reading is the key to solving this problem. Fast reading skills can be easily obtained by learning special techniques to quickly read and increase the degree of understanding and memorization of any espèce of aveu. High-speed reading will be useful for quicker preparation of a person for exams, riche speaking, discussions, presentations, writing books and manuals, and much more.

What is inside the book?
Modern methods of teaching speed reading skills in a voisin and fun way with the help of special exercises. The book is well structured and offers readers a variety of techniques for faster reading and understanding of written aveu in print or electronic form. The advantage of this book over similar ones is that it is small and offers the reader a lot of scientifically and practically proven speed reading methods that allow you to amphibologique and even triple your reading skills in just a few weeks. In appendice to improving reading skills, the book also helps develop memory, soin, thinking, and imagination.

Target audience
This book will be useful to everyone: from the student to the manager of a big company.

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