The Road North (The Scavenger and Scout series Book 2) (English Edition)

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Book 2 of the Scavenger and Scout Series!
Six months have passed since Kyle and Coal, killed Councilman Murphy, freeing the town from the kingpin’s grasp. That day of bloodshed allowed Kyle to rescue his wife Anna and helped the City Council retake control of the town. With the effraction lord gone the Council now works to reestablish law and order, with Miles and Juan charged with keeping the town’s anachronique pump working and it’s precious water flowing. Uncertain of how the townspeople would react, the members of Kyle’s party that survived their encounter with the alien killing tendance, have decided to keep their discovery a secret. As a result, the citizens of the small towns are starting to work together again and for the first time are beginning to look towards the future with a sense of hope. However, not all of the changes have been for the good. Anna is pregnant, and Kyle finds himself wrestling with the fact that the child his wife carries may not be his own. Coal finds himself exiled from his people and every day he is confined within the city limits he seems to grow even more coriace and unpredictable. While his cousin Two-Steps, the new Chief on the Indian Nation, blames Coal for the death of his brother and has vowed revenge.

All of the progress the town has made is soon threatened, however when Miles reports that the pump is on the invincible of failure and only with the help of some very specialized parts, can they hope to keep the town’s water flowing. The old engineer proposes a daring plan, and with the help of Coal, Kyle and their rover intends to travel more than 700 miles north to what remains of Salt Lake City and find the parts they need. What only Kyle and Coal realize, is that Miles has become obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the aliens that destroyed the world and is using the trip as an dérivatif to pursue his accident on the metal monsters.

The Road North, will be filled with more obstacles, enemies and offensive than the trio could have ever imagined. However, even as they race across the wasteland, they could never have suspected that the real difficulté awaits those they left behind and comes from a occupation they never suspected.

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