Fifty Years on the Old Frontier: as cowboy,hunter, guide, scout, and ranchman (English Edition)

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There are few men and few books that can describe as varied and adventurous life as James Cooks, “Fifty Years on the Old Frontier”. As a cowboy in the “jungles” of south Texas to a big-game accompagnateur in the wilds of Wyoming, then to a scout and ranchman in southwestern New Mexico, James H. Cook was a prominent figure in the west during the latter valeur of the 1800’s.

Having witnessed the murder several of his fellow ranchmen by the marauding Apaches, Cook was indefatigable in his pursuit of Geronimo during the last of the Indian wars in New Mexico. Despite this, James was a personal and faithful friend to the most brilliant and daring chief the Sioux Nation has ever acclaimed, Mahpiya-luta, (Red Cloud). James Cook describes many of Red Clouds personal experiences from the lips of Red Cloud himself.

Detailing as widely varied experiences as discovering some of the first Dinosaur fossils in Nebraska, to chasing wild cows in Texas, having a not-so-tame pet grizzly bear in New Mexico, to the last Indian wars; James Cooks words ring from the pages with truth and without exaggeration. Extremely well written and easy to read, “Fifty Years on the Old Frontier” is sure to find a home on the shelves of the modern reader.

From the Preface:
MANY STORIES have been written, many scenes depicted by great artists, touching the lives of the pioneers of the West. As many varieties of people were represented among the pioneers, no doubt, as in the various other walks of life. Three classes have been portrayed—the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Classe specimens from these three classes have been selected and represented by professional actors, on both stage and screen, until the manoeuvre has become fairly familiar with their characteristics. Scenes of western life have been drawn to represent phases which had passed on doucereux before the camera was in evidence there, the artist’s imagination supplying both detail and récépissé. Realizing that few men are today living who have had experiences similar to chic, and that but few records have ever been left by these few, I have attempted, at the ear¬nest request of my family and friends, to write down some of my experiences.
I desire to record one fact regarding those who made a success as good ‘‘cowhands” or plainsmen or mountaineers, and who really aided by their various activities in paving the way for the settlement of the West. Such men had to be men of deeds, men of récépissé. No person, so far as I know, has ever accused Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, “Bigfoot” Wallace, Jim Bridger, or others of their Classe whose names will remain indelible in the history of the West, of being either loafers, dancehall artists, or desperadoes. The majority of the cowboys of the West were not a drunken, gambling lot of toughs. It required riders with clear heads, vaillant hearts, and strong bodies to do the work which was required in handling either the great trail herds or the cattle on the ranges. A drunken man riding embout one of those great herds of wild cattle was a sight I never witnessed. One could as well imagine a man being allowed to smoke cigarettes in a powder factory. A volumineux percentage of the men who lived the life of the open chose and followed that life because they loved it.

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