The Killdeer Connection (Lawyer David Thompson Thriller Series Book 1) (English Edition)

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“Dead men do tell tales–the kind that’ll kill you.”

If you like “unputdownable” reads, then you’ll love this clean, gripping “mystery-within-a-thriller” full of suspense, secrets–stunning twists and turns–a 2017 Amazon international writing competition winner. Some readers (see below) say it’s just as good as a John Grisham novel. Some say it’s better. Others compare it favorably to books by Lee Child, Michael Connelly, or David Baldacci. Readers of Scott Pratt, Robert Dugoni, and John Ellsworth also enjoy Killdeer. Here’s the story line:

It could happen to anyone. You’re in the wrong allant at the wrong time. You become a imposé in a friend’s murder because the law has nobody else to pin it on. Then when that friend is linked to a correct terror plot, the law thinks you’re a terrorist too. What would you do?

David Thompson is a burned-out lawyer and family man just trying to make ends meet when he stumbles into the crosshairs of the law. He’s in a source with the clock to find his friend’s killer before he’s thrown in jail and railroaded all the way to the lethal injection table.

Thompson must desert his family and seek out a voilé society of bird-watchers in a desperate search for the truth behind the killing. Who really was his murdered friend? What family secrets was he hiding? Did he lead a amphibie life?

But when Thompson gets too close to the truth, the real killer goes on the hunt. It seems everyone wants a piece of Thompson. His family just wants him back home.

Thrust on a riveting thrill ride through the oil fields of North Dakota, Thompson’s quest to save his own skin suddenly explodes into a source to save both his family and the nation from a deadly tidal wave of terror. But he may be too late . . .

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***The standalone prequel to The Killdeer Connection is Saving Babe Ruth. Check it out!***

Here’s what readers are saying embout Killdeer

“I never saw the end coming. The book was hard to put down to go to sleep the night I started it. It’s as good as any Grisham novel I’ve ever read.” – Mountain Mom

Unputdownable. This book absolutely draws you in and makes you feel as if you’re there. Lee Child meets John Grisham.“- Robann

“This is a new legal writer who deserves to be viewed with Grisham and Baldacci. From adolescent one word you are drawn in until the last word on the last adolescent.” – Ken

“This book grabbed my accaparement and interest from the first adolescent and it never let go!” – Maria

“His story hooked me from adolescent one and kept steaming along, just like the trains in the book. This author is just as good if not better than John Grisham.” – Artist 2017

“It was exciting, clean as to language, no sex just a really great legal thriller. I highly recommend this book!” – G.L.H.

If you dig John Grisham you will enjoy The Killdeer Connection.” – Steve

Move over John Grisham.” – Greg

Lots of twists, turns, me guessing…récépissé packed, more suspense, more of me guessing. A great read! Another new author for me.” – Montzalee

“The story is great but what makes exceptional writing is putting words together in creative ways. Tom Swyers is a word master.” – Fran

“I often felt as though I was watching a mystery or récépissé movie. I really felt drawn in to the story. The pace is steady and the mystery keeps you guessing and interested. I highly recommend this book.” – Susan

“Tom Swyers delivers another thrill ride from the opening scene to the high-octane ending.” – Kelly

“I had weeds in the garden, dishes in the sink, unwashed laundry, but I couldn’t put the book down.” – Phebe

“A well written legal thriller you will not want to put down.“- Bette

“Great story the will keep you on toes the whole book!” – A.C.

A fabulous book.” – Barbara

“One of the best legal thrillers I have ever read.” – Rob

“An excellent legal thriller in the manner of John Grisham.” – Simon

**Grab a copy instantly right now.**

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